Hetman Photo Recovery


Recover photos you erased accidentally


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Hetman Photo Recovery is a program that lets you recover photos that you erased accidentally or that were saved within a damaged hard drive. All you need to do is choose the hard drive or USB jump drive that you want to analyze; wait a few moments while the program runs its scan, and then check to see if you can save some of the photos that were stored there.

In order to recover your photos, you'll need to have a registered Hetman Photo Recovery account which is easy enough to do from their official website. Without a registered account, all you'll get is a series of mini-fotos for the pictures you could recover if you created an account with them. Even so, that's still a fairly handy feature for when you want to know which photos are stored on your damaged drive.

Hetman Photo Recovery is a good tool for recovering lost images thanks to which you'll be able to bring back photos you thought were lost on a corrupt memory drive, or just accidentally erased.

Requires Android 3.0 or higher

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